….but only if you rely on the internet for your insurance:

  • Young man dropped his new iPhone from a Thames party boat. Insurer refused to pay for loss because he “knew where it was” and then refused to pay for damage because there was no proof that it was damaged.
  • Antiques shop sold a sofa to a lady who suffered a very serious injury when a spring broke and stabbed her in the leg. Insurers refused the claim because they “do not insure secondhand goods” despite having the words “Antique Shop” clearly showing on the policy schedule.
  • 84 people over a period of 6 hours purchased gadget insurance online for £20 per policy. Only 2 queried the fact that the cover was limited to “abduction by aliens” or “zombie attack”. This was, in fact, a test by some senior insurance professionals to see if people do actually read what they are given and everyone was refunded in full.

The answer is to use a professional insurance broker, who will ask lots of questions to make sure that you have the cover that you need.

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