I worry somewhat about this programme as it details the mistakes made by criminals attempting to commit insurance fraud. By avoiding those mistakes, it is easier for fraud to be committed so I am not sure this is a great example of public service broadcasting by the BBC.

However, I do find it quite addictive and the episode this morning was epic comedy. I choked on my breakfast coffee at one point. One couple made some 300 (yes THREE HUNDRED) claims on one policy over 10 years – 30 claims a year or more than one a fortnight – before anybody at the insurer realised there might be something wrong. They almost deserve to be scammed when they are so poor at protecting their policyholders and shareholders money. But nothing excuses criminal behaviour.

Over my 40-odd years in the industry I have occasionally encountered attempts at fraud by clients and I have no sympathy for them when they get caught. It is good to see that insurance companies and the police are taking fraud so seriously although it does seem that the courts are lagging behind. The couple referred to above, having been committing fraud for 10 years, received 12 month prison sentences. Surely not enough?

BUT be warned – you have to be very very clever indeed to successfully commit insurance fraud with the checks and balances now in place so please just don’t do it.