I happen to run two fairly old cars – a 2001 MGF and a 1999 Saab 9-3. I pay annual premiums of £186 and £310, so a total of £496 a year.

Being a bit on the thrifty side, I thought I should shop around and since clients often ask us for multi-car quotes, why not try it for myself.

A very well-known insurer who consistently advertise the benefits of multi-car insurance quoted me a total of £1504.23. Only about £1,000 more than I am paying now! They have yet to respond to my request to have the “benefits” explained to me.

The moral here is that advertising is a wonderful thing but actually providing a good deal for clients is the proof of the pudding.

Basically, you tell us what you have and what cover you need and we will provide the best option for you. It may be multi-car but experience shows us that it may well not be.