As I was driving in to work on this very cold and frosty morning, I noticed at least two cars sitting unattended on driveways with engines running.

“Frost-jacking” is the term for your car being stolen in wintertime when you leave it running to defrost the windscreen and a passing thief jumps in and drives away.

If this happens to you, your insurance company WILL NOT PAY your claim for theft. All insurance policies contain a clause to the effect that you must act as a reasonable person and this is generally interpreted as acting as though you are not insured.

A few years ago, it happened to a lady not far from us in Luton who tried to stop the thief driving off, was run over and subsequently died.

It really is just not worth the risk. A car cover or car cap is one way of keeping the ice off the glass. Alternatively, leave the house a few minutes early to stay with the car while it defrosts. Please, please do not drive off until you have clear vision in all directions as you otherwise risk an accident plus the probability of a motoring conviction for careless driving.