Insanity has been defined as “repeatedly doing the same thing but expecting a different outcome”.

There has been a massive increase in theft of tools from vans in this area and these are often reported on Facebook. We can offer an excellent policy to cover this risk but very few seem inclined to take it. The loss of tools is not merely a cost to the business in terms of having to buy replacements but can lead to loss of business if work cannot be done whilst replacement tools are sought.

One post did catch my interest. The gentleman was most upset that he had lost tools on three occasions from a van parked outside of his house. When someone queried what he had done to avoid future incidents, he was surprised and seemed to not think that it was for him to do anything. Why not fit an alarm or CCTV or improve the vehicle locks? Now that he has had 3 losses, I cannot think of an insurer willing to take on his risk without some common sense precautions being taken.

Insurance is about the unexpected happening. If you have your tools stolen, thieves will expect you to replace them. If you then park the van in the same place at the same time, they are bound to have another look.