The centre of the village just up the road from where I live was flooded in September 2016. This was partly caused by a blocked outlet from the village pond but greatly exacerbated by the fact that all of the village surface drains had not been maintained and the village centre lies at a crossroads with 4 roads all approaching downhill. One night of heavy rain caused floods that were up to the window level of several parked cars, one of which actually floated away.

We have just had a lengthy dry spell and I suspect we are well overdue for some serious rainfall. So, please, as soon as you can, take photos of all of the drains near to your home and/or business premises. They will almost certainly be clogged up. One in my little hamlet is growing a tree! Send the pictures to the Highways Dept of whatever council area you live in and request urgent maintenance – which probably won’t happen.

Then, when you get flooded by surface water, you can claim on your insurance and they will have grounds to claim back from the council.

This is similar to the situation with potholes. If the Council can claim not to know about them, they can wriggle out of their responsibility.