I have to confess that I have some nice soft cushions near my favourite armchair so I can chuck them at the TV without causing damage. I do the chucking just about every time insurance adverts (and certain politicians) appear on-screen. Why? Well, there’s the one;

  • where an “advisor” is shouting at a customer who doesn’t know if their door locks are to BS3621 and then says “Nobody knows”. A good insurance broker would be saying “If you open your door, look at the part of the lock that is normally concealed by the door frame and on that bit there will be all the information that you need to tell me”;
  • that tells you that you can save £170 by using their driver app on your mobile phone. That may well be correct but £170 saving on what amount? My car insurance is £330 a year so £170 off would be getting on for 50% saving. Nice if you can get it. As it is, that insurer quoted me £1,100 so that £170 saving would actually cost me about 3x my current premium;
  • that tells you that they are the only insurer who will arrange to get you home after an accident. They aren’t. Not by a long way. They don’t mention that they have been the most complained-about insurance company to the Financial Ombudsman Service every year for the past five;
  • that tells you they insure loss of rent on landlords policies. Well, they do but only if you pay extra (very small print that I can’t read on my TV screen). Just about all insurers who offer this type of insurance offers the same cover – some included as standard, some at additional cost;
  • where the incentive is a cuddly toy or a 2-for-1 cinema ticket. To be honest, if a cuddly toy or a trip to the cinema sways your insurance buying decision, maybe you’re not ready for that responsibility;
  • where somebody famous persuades some sheep to move. Not sure what that has to say about the quality of their actual service.

Thankfully I have Sky TV so I have taken to just about only watching recorded programmes. I can fast-forward through the adverts, which saves me having to go and collect my cushions at the end of a viewing session.