Time is a precious commodity and nowadays there seems to be less and less of it available.

We often receive referrals and recommendations to potential new clients but frequently, when we make contact, the person just doesn’t have the time to go through the details.

I actually timed a few quote processes over the past week. We can take details of a standard motor quotation in less than 7 minutes and of a standard household quotation in around 8 minutes. That doesn’t seem like a long time to me. Obviously, something more complex such as a business insurance or where someone has had claims or other issues takes longer but not that much. Our staff are trained in obtaining the right information in order to be able to offer the best advice.

Those who have cars, houses, businesses and so on, have worked hard and put in plenty of hours to secure those assets, so giving just a few minutes to ensure that they are kept safe seems like a good investment.

The price comparison websites have tried to cut down on the time by making assumptions, although the time saved is measured in seconds. If you don’t comply with those assumptions, your policy can easily become invalid – not worth the time, the effort or the cost – and any claims may not be met. This is one of the reasons why 25% of all claims on policies sold on the internet fail at point of claim. Ours don’t.