Insurance companies can sometimes be their own worst enemy. That is a shame because they can also do a great deal of good.

Free information

A number of insurance companies – including several of the online insurers – now pay an American company called Lexisnexis to provide them with information about flood risks. The fact that up-to-date information is available free of charge from The Environment Agency seems to have passed them by.

Local knowledge

Obviously a fair amount of our business is quite local and we have recently found that Lexisnexis have decided that all HP postcodes are a flood risk, including several addresses that are so high above water that if they flood, then we are all doomed! I dealt with one this morning that my car struggles to climb up to, so I suspect flood water would have a problem as well. There are some HP postcodes which are a flood risk but our local knowledge can separate these from the “false positives”.

Putting them straight

We talk to the insurance companies that we deal with and put them straight on the facts. It can be difficult or even impossible to speak to someone at one of the online insurers. Some have refused to renew policies or excluded flood cover and those are things that you have to declare to new insurers, however unfair that is.

Secure the best outcome

You may have spotted that this is leading to advice that you deal with a real person at an insurance broker who can check facts and talk sensibly to an insurance company in order to secure the best outcome for our client.

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