Further to previous post, please note the following if you intend to drive on the Continent post-Brexit.

The agreement provides the minimum cover applicable to the countries being visited. This is generally our equivalent of Third Party Only, so no cover for any form of damage to your own vehicle. The old green card system provided the same cover overseas that you have in the UK and this has extended into the new ‘no documents’ system. However, you will see on the reverse of your insurance certificate a wording in several languages which confirms that you have the minimum legal cover.

Some insurers do not want to know about your overseas trips. However, some have restrictions so it is really important that you check your policy documents. The restrictions can include:

  • Limited trip days: can be up to 21 days or up to 90 days in total per annum or per trip.
  • Notification: some insurers need to be told if you are going abroad although they do not issue any documents.
  • Specialist policies: clients with motor trade or classic vehicle policies may have to pay an additional premium.

It is really vital that you check the cover provided by your particular policy before you travel. I once had someone phone from the ferry as it left Dover harbour so it was somewhat impossible to issue and send them a green card. If you have any doubts as to your cover, talk to your insurance broker or insurance company.