Weddings really are a very expensive event these days. Our budget in 1980 was £300. In 2017, the average cost of a wedding was £27,161 including the engagement & wedding rings, reception and honeymoon. The popularity of weddings in exotic locations has helped to push this figure up. Our budget in 1980 was £300!

Not many say “I do” to insurance:

Despite this massive cost, only around 20% of couples take out wedding insurance. After all, putting together two sets of families and friends who may not necessarily like each other, add in alcohol and some expensive breakable items – what could possibly go wrong?

And the answer is:

Wedding insurance is very comprehensive including, but not limited to: cancellation due to illness, weather etc.; re-arrangement; ceremonial attire/swords; wedding gifts; rings; flowers; cake; cars/transport; photo/videography; failure of essential suppliers; personal accident; public liability; professional counselling; legal expenses; marquees/portaloos. Just about the only area not covered is the bride or groom changing their minds – although it is something that we have been asked for.

Relieve the stress:

Apart from the expense, weddings are fairly stressful events so good insurance can relieve some strain.