My own car insurance fell due for renewal. Obviously, I would normally place the insurance through the office but I decided to find out what else might be available. I selected one of the most well-known price comparison sites and entered my details, ticking the boxes to show that I required windscreen cover, courtesy car, protected bonus and legal expenses, all of which come as standard with my usual car insurance policy.

A list of prices appeared on screen, the cheapest of which was £290 – very close to the best I could get via our own car insurance department – next to which was an invitation to follow a link to the insurance company website, which I did. On screen and filling at least half of it was a button to “BUY NOW” but in a corner was a small link to reviewing the quote.

By following this, I found that the £290 did not include windscreen cover, courtesy car, protected bonus or legal expenses. It also showed a very high policy excess of £450. Adding these in and reducing the excess to £250, changed the premium to £425.

I would happily bet my life savings (all £8 of it!) that most people would have just clicked on BUY NOW and ended up with a policy that did not meet their requirements.

And that is why 25% of all claims on all internet policies fail at point of claim………….