Internet policies & claims:

A mobile phone was dropped overboard from a Thames pleasure cruiser. Initial claim refused because “It’s not lost. You know where it is”. At second attempt “We can’t pay for damage unless we can inspect it.”

Customer of an antiques shop suffered a serious stab wound when a spring snapped in a sofa. Claim refused as “We do not insure secondhand goods”. The name of the policyholder shown in the policy schedule was ******* Antiques Centre

Claim for theft of a car refused because keys were used. The keys had been stolen earlier that day in a home invasion which “should have been reported to the insurer”. The car/home owner was rendered unconcious as a result of a violent assault, spending over a week in a coma.

None of these things would happen when dealing with a professional insurance broker such as ourselves. We sell insurance products that are fit for purpose and deal with claims from start to finish, accepting no nonsense from insurers. That you just do not get on the internet.